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[EU/US] Japanese SASHIKO Cotton Mask, Navy

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This model is for non Asian people having a problem of nose-fitting with standard masks in Japan and made with a German pattern.
“Japanese SASHIKO” is a traditional sawing technique in Tohoku area from an old age. Tohoku area is very cold and farm workers who couldn’t buy a expensive cotton cloth made a SASHIKO stitched linen cloths together with patterns. People living in Tohoku Area still follow their traditions with beautiful and original patterns.
We made cloth masks using pre-stain SASHIKO cotton by OLYMPUS.
This SASHIKO pattern is based on "KUCHI-zashi" which is a arranged pattern with Japanese KANJI “口 (mouth)”. "KUCHI-zashi” is a symbol of half-farmer half-Samurai meaning rice and vegetable fields, expressing the life of Tohoku farm workers and making a Nordic modern like pattern.

Size :
- Medium (Ladies) W23.5cm x H 12.0cm
- Large (Mens) W24.5cm x H13.5cm
- Xtra Large (Mens Large)
* The sample picture which a model wearing Large size, he has a small face.
Color : Navy
Material :
Face side, Olympus Pre-stain SASHIKO Cotton 100% 1 piece
Back side, High quality Japanese SARASHI cotton 100% 1 pieces

About Washing : Washing machine with a Laundry net is available. No tumbler dryer is available. It get a bit smaller than before after washing, the form will come back after steam ironing. Steam ironing is also good to reduce a smell and viruses and germs.

Stock amount is stock material amount. We start making after an purchase order and post it in 5 days.

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¥1,260tax included